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If you have come to a crossroads, we can help. Faith Works provides various forms of assistance from testimonies to encouragement to help you succeed.

Men & Women

You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here for you. Our Jersey City, New Jersey, organization is authentic in its desire to aid your spiritual growth.


Now there is another vehicle that your can use to fortify your child’s belief. Our organization offers a diverse children’s ministry for building your child’s faith.

Who We Are

Faith Works is a Christian nonprofit organization in Jersey City, New Jersey. We provide fellow Christians with support for sustaining and strengthen their individual and family’s faith. Our organization reaches out people in need through testimony and blogging. Additional tools and resources are coming soon.

Mission Statement

Bringing people closer to God by shared examples of faith in action. Our focus is on personal testimonies that are genuine and valid as testimony and feel more relatable to people.

Contact Faith Works in Jersey City, New Jersey, to learn more about our Christian organization.